My Story

Dad, Husband, Teacher

I live in Pickerington with Kymberly, my wife of 16 years, and our two children, ten year-old Sarah and eight year-old Nathan.


I teach English and Business classes at a number of colleges, including my alma mater, Ohio University, where I am a three-time graduate. I hold undergraduate degrees in English and Philosophy, a graduate degree in Rhetoric, and an MBA. I have been teaching for just over a decade now, and I can often be found in a classroom at OU-Lancaster or OU-Pickerington.

Not a Politician

While today's partisan politicians rarely agree on anything, their constituents seem to agree that our state is heading in the wrong direction. If we're going to fix this, we must start at the local level. 

All over the country, unlikely candidates are stepping up. I have never run for office before, but I'm capable, and I'm ready to do the work. I'm not after the title, and I have no interest in maintaining the status quo. I'm here to serve. That's all.

A Voice for Change

For many years now, I have used the written word to fight for change. I speak out, and I teach others how to do the same. Now it's time to take my words beyond the classroom, beyond the campus, and speak directly to those who are standing in the way of the better future we all deserve.

I believe some shouting may be required.