Term Limits & Job-Hopping

In 18 years, my opponent has jumped from the Ohio House, to the Ohio Senate, and back again. Now, with Troy Balderson vacating his State Senate seat to go to Washington, my opponent is looking to jump again. So why is he on the ballot asking for a job he doesn't even want?

Interviews & Articles

Two Broads Talking Politics

Kelly talks to Democratic candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives, Brett Pransky about the issues facing Ohio voters, including  corruption in the state house, public education, the opioid epidemic, and stagnant wages.

Why I'm Running

In this short article written in February, 2018 for PatriotNotPartisan.com, Brett tells the stories that turned into the reasons why he chose to run for State Representative in Ohio's 77th district. From teacher to activist to candidate - it's all here.

The Rick Smith Show

In this episode, Rick and Brett discuss a number of topics relevant to Ohio voters. They talk corruption in the Ohio Statehouse, the massive influence of corporate money on local elections, and what Brett plans to do about it once elected.

The March of the Frightened

This piece, written in August of 2017 for DC paper StreetSense, looks at the Charlottesville tragedy and examines a few of the many causes of hate in today's America by looking at how that hate manifests on the streets of communities just like ours.

The Rick Smith Show

On this episode of The Rick Smith Show, recorded on the day of the Santa Fe High School shooting, Brett and Rick discuss gun legislation and the massive difference between what gun owners support, and what the gun lobby demands.

#MeToo - A Timeline

This narrative, written in October of 2017 for PatriotNotPartisan.com describes a series of events that were, and certainly still are far too common in America. These are the stories of one of America's many working women, told to her son, and now to everyone. 

Corporate Money & How it Operates

It's time to give the Ohio Statehouse back to the people. Click the video to the left to learn a bit about how the corporate PAC money I have refused to take has corrupted our state legislature, polluted the US House of Representatives, and caused so many of our current problems.

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