Brett Will Fight For ...

Better Jobs for Ohio Workers

So many people are working longer hours for less pay. One-third of Ohio's jobs pay poverty wages. Our leaders need to do better. Low-wage jobs are not the solution. What we need is "One Good Job" for every Ohioan. That's the goal, and we can bring people together to reach it.

I believe ...

  • Every job should pay a living wage.
  • Every worker should have the right to collectively bargain.
  • We need to vigorously support hands-on careers and apprenticeship programs.
  • Union labor built the middle class. Union labor can rebuild it with our help.

An End to the Opioid Crisis

Ohio is the epicenter of the opioid crisis, leading the nation in overdose deaths at an average of 14 per day - 14 deaths each and every day. Our people are suffering. Our families are broken and grieving. It's time to treat this epidemic with the urgency it demands, before even more families become victims.

I believe ...

  • Corporate greed created the problem. It's time to use their massive profits to create a solution.
  • Both the executives and legislators who profited from the crisis need to be held accountable.

Healthcare for All

America is the richest nation in the history of history. As such, we have no excuse for the pain, suffering, and death we allow to happen simply because we can't be bothered to fix the problem. Healthcare is a human right, and I'll keep fighting until everyone has that right.

I believe ...

  • Every Ohioan deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare. No exceptions.
  • Ohioans should never have to worry about whether they can afford to care for themselves and their families.
  • We have the ability to solve this problem; all we lack is the political will to do so.

Ethical Leadership

Ohioans have had enough of corrupt politicians and the culture of corruption they have brought to the Ohio Statehouse. It's time to clean house and send a new brand of servant to Columbus. In response to this need, I make the following commitments:

I will NOT ...

  • Take corporate PAC money of any kind.
  • Undermine the spirit of Ohio's term limit laws.

I will ...

  • Put people above party.
  • Put my job at risk each and every day for the people of Ohio's 77th district.

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